Bordeaux Supérieur

Domaine La Grange is a charming old “Grange” style house surrounded by vines close to the Château Fayau in the centre of Cadillac. Most of its wines are produced on the hillsides overlooking the town. The Medeville family acquired the property in 1826 but the wine-making tradition goes all the way back to 1711. It was one of the first house in the proprity.

Grape varieties
40% Merlot
35% Cabernet Sauvignon
25% Cabernet Franc

Age of the vineyard – Area
20-25 years – 41 hectares
Clay-siliceous soil originating from the erosion of the hillsides

Grapes are destemmed before fermentation which lasts for between 12 to 15 days under temperature control. Then, after filtering, the wine is aged in vats and partially in oak barrel before being bottled.

Tasting notes
This wine has a complex nose of black fruits, vanilla. The attack in mouth is supple and fruity with a good liveliness. A gourmand wine.

Suggested dishes
Pairs superbly with all red and white meat, grilled or cooked. Also, a great match with all strong cheeses.