8th generation

The 8th generation

The 8th Generation is a new cuvée resulting from grape varieties and atypical assemblages that will allow you to discover the best expression of our know-how. The selection takes place at the base of the vineyard by identifying the best parcels of our terroirs and the most suitable grape varieties. Then, the different choices of harvest, vinification and breeding were in close collaboration with Jacques, Jean and Marc Medeville and our consulting oenologists.

AOC Bordeaux

Grapes are pressed after selection. Juice is cooled down to 5 – 6 degrees celsius, settled and then kept at low temperature on its fine lees.

8eme generation rose

AOC Bordeaux

The wine to vinificate come from the first juice pressed. After selection, the vinification is made at a low temperature. After filtering, wine is matured in vats

AOC Bordeaux

After a carefuly selection of few parcels form our best Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes located in the hills . This wine is vinified and aged in French oak barrels over 12 months