In 1826, Jerome Medeville, a barrel maker in Cadillac, bought Château Fayau, «a monastery surrounded by twelve hectares of vines enclosed by walls and hedges.» Over the subsequent years, the Medeville family grew in size by acquiring land and vines around Château Fayau.

Each generation has since contributed its own knowledge to enable the growth of the chateaux. The meticulous and intelligent management of estates together with a deep love of the land, by the descendants of Jérôme and Numa, have resulted in vineyards that continue to expand and modernize.

Today, seven generations later, it is Jacques, Jean and Marc Medeville who are continuing that tradition with passion, tradition and innovation taking the business forward Chateau Fayau remains at the heart of the business, which now controls nearly 180 hectares divided into 11 Chateaux located on both banks of the Garonne.


Château Fayau
Château Du Mouret
Château Peyreblanque
Château Barbier
Château Boisson
Château Du Juge
Château Bibey
Château Gréteau
Château Boyrein
Château Des Cèdres
Château Gabelot
Domaine La Grange