chateau croix de vignot

Château Croix de Vignot Saint Emilion Grand Cru

After the First World War (1914-1918), Constant Micheau Maillou was born in 1892 joined a fighting friend in Saint Emilion. He meets the grandmother of Monique and Michel the current owners (born in Lafleur Pétrus). Then, the family lives in Pomerol in the house which has now became the beautiful town hall of Pomerol.
After 3 generations of work, seriousness and passion, the Micheau Maillou family owns 3 vineyards among the most famous terroirs of Bordeaux including the Château Croix de Vignot, Saint Emilion Grand Cru, located on the high plateau of Saint Emilion, close to thd prestigious wines classified.

Grape varieties 100% Merlot

Age of the Vineyard – Area
50 years – 1,4 Hectares

«Pied de côte» Clay limostone

Grapes are destemmed and pressed before vatting. Wine batches are pumped every day during the fermentation. Temperature control. Vatting lasts 3 weeks. Then, the wine is aged during 12 month for 35% in ciment vats, 25% in new oak barrel and 40% in aged oak barrel.

Tasting Notes
The open bouquet offers a palette of fresh fruit, with vanilla notes, and undergrowth and leather aromas. Soft and fruity, the palate is balanced by delicate tannins

Suggested Dishes
It can be paired with all types of red meat, poultry, sausages. and cheese.