Bordeaux White

Château Boisson is a stunning estate located at the gateway of Cadillac in the small municipality of Beguey. Overlooking the Garonne River, the vineyard is nestled at the top of a hill above ancient stone quarries. The domain covers about 12 hectares of very old vines where white and red grape varieties evenly share the clay-siliceous soil.

Grape varieties
50% Sauvignon blanc
50% Sauvignon gris

Age of the vineyard – Area
10-15 years- 12 hectares
Clay-siliceous soil originating from the erosion of the hillsides

Grapes are pressed after selection. Juice is cooled down to 5 – 6 degrees celsius, settled and then kept at low temperature on its fine lees. Wine is kept under control at a low temperature throughout the fermentation process, then matured on fine lees for two months before being blended and prepared for bottling

Tasting notes
This wine has an expressive nose with citrus smell and flower overtone as broom. The mouth is rich with fruit aromas and good freshness

Suggested dishes
A perfect accompaniment for oysters, sea food and smoked salmon sushis